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Closet Editor

Our owner Nicole Christine Jessen, will personally come to you and help you edit your wardrobe and closets to your liking.
Do you struggle with what to wear in the morning?
Do you have a million different things that you own but don't wear?
Do you stand in front of your closet for 10 minutes in the morning trying to figure out what to put on?
Do you change 5 times before deciding on an outfit?
We have all done the above at one time or another.
Nicole will help you edit your closet to perfection, put an order to the chaos, and make sure you like exactly what you see when she is done.
This can also include shoes and accessories.
Remember, your wardrobe is the first thing people notice when you walk into a room. Your clothes tell a story before you even start talking.
Nicole wants this to be YOUR journey and your clothes should say exactly who YOU are. There is no right or wrong, there is just YOU, feeling good everyday. Organizing a closet can give you a lot more peace inside than you think. Trust us.
Please reach out with any additional questions and/or for a quote.